Impact. Access. Outcome.

Capitol Strategies Group’s approach to working with clients is straightforward. We believe impact, access and outcome are key ingredients for success.

What does it take to deliver results? Winning strategies created by an experienced team. We pride ourselves on creating innovative public policy strategies that positively impact the public affairs arena — government contracting, legislation, regulations, community relations, and grassroots initiatives.

Capitol Strategies Group provides clients with the benefit of our years of experience, in-depth knowledge of the process and access to senior administration officials and legislative leaders in the courthouse, statehouse and Washington, DC. Our team has expertise in legislative and regulatory affairs and corporate communications from years of working in key senior legislative and executive positions in Fortune 100 companies, public finance, law, and government agencies and authorities.

Our blend of private sector corporate officer experience and a history of service as senior government officials provide each client with unique insights and opportunities that positions our clients as the resource for information with public policy leaders and staff.

Internalizing our clients’ vision and meeting their goals are our primary objective. Our team’s focus is based on the “on-the-ground approach” that sets us apart. We utilize the latest technology that – when matched with our experience – produces long-term relationships for clients and positive outcomes on their issues. Whether it is getting a proposal in front of an administration official or engaging in targeted outreach to legislators and key staff, Capitol Strategies Group’s winning approach fulfills each client’s unique needs.

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